“You have come to the fastest growing, most promising, hospitable, beautiful, and happiest little city in all of Tennessee.” –Albert Gore (Sr.) 


Crossville is a place where adventurers and leisure seekers alike can gather for the perfect getaway all year round. Challenging hiking trails, cozy campgrounds, festivals, lake adventures and golf are just a few activities we have in store! Nestled in the Cumberland Plateau, Crossville is the perfect escape from surrounding cities like Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga. Similarly, we an excellent Tennessee destination for out of state visitors.


Established in 1855 and named for the beautiful mountains surrounding it, Crossville has hosted a variety of historical events, programs and projects throughout time. Now, it’s an inclusive city boasting with retirees, in addition to young professionals and travelers near and far.

A place rich in history, local eateries and activities, there’s a little something for everyone in Crossville! Crossville was named after an intersection known as Lambeths’s Crossroads, which is todays intersection of Main Street and Stanley Street. Also, the two main highways that cross paths in Crossville are US-70 and US-127.  

The Cumberland Homesteads came into existence during the Great Depression when the federal government’s Subsistence Homestead Division initiated a housing project south of Crossville. The purpose of this project was to provide small farms for several hundred poverty-stricken families. As a result, the project’s recreational area later became the center and basis for the Cumberland Mountain State Park.


Crossville is in the center of an amazing triangle of adventure! It blends the woods and waters of numerous national and state parks with a quality family vacation environment in Middle Tennessee. The Cumberland Plateau is located at some 2000 feet above sea-level with amazing views. In addition, it is accompanied by endless adventure for golfing, hiking, kayaking and camping.

Cumberland County boasts a diverse environment for all ages and interests. We have two retirement communities, Fairfield Glade and Lake Tansi. Furthermore, we have endless opportunities for arts and culture with the Cumberland County Playhouse and the Civil War Trail.