Opened in November 1942, one of the first prisoner of war camps during World War II, Camp Crossville housed over 1,500 German and Italian prisoners of war. Designated for officers, the camp held General Pietro Gazzeri, one of the Italian Army’s highest ranking officers. Also housed here were German officers of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel’s famed Afrika Corps. Camp Crossville was located on the Cumberland Plateau, nine miles west of Crossville on the site of the Civilian Conservation Corps camp. It closed in December 1945.

A Tennessee Historic Marker is located on POW Camp Road outside the Camp Crossville site that is currently an exclusive home to a University of Tennessee 4-H Club Camp. If you are looking for a facility that can handle your next function, then look no further. The Clyde York 4-H Center has everything you will need in planning your next event. The center is owned and operated by the University of Tennessee Extension Service, and we are located atop the beautiful Cumberland Plateau in Crossville, Tennessee. Because of the center’s location, the average temperature is cooler and usually more comfortable during the hot summer months. It is a perfect area to host groups from all over Tennessee and surrounding states.

The Clyde York 4-H Center offers unique state of the art facilities in a natural and beautiful environment. The center is located on 194 acres of well-maintained grounds and hosts a large swimming pool, modern cabins and lodges that will accommodate more than 560 individuals, dining facilities, meeting rooms, canoeing, and a ropes course – just to name a few. Whether you are here on business or pleasure, we are certain that you will have a pleasant and rewarding stay.

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2840 POW Camp Road Crossville, TN 38572