The Brady Mountain Section includes a beautiful ridge-line hike with a panoramic lookout over Grassy Cove at Brady Bluff Overlook. Much of the trail follows old overgrown double-track roadbeds. It also crosses several such roadbeds that are not to be followed. Pay special attention to the white blazes after crossing the dirt logging road at 0.6 miles from the start at the Jewett Road Trailhead. At 1.4 miles the trail follows Brady Ridge on a roadbed and the trail becomes much more obvious to follow.

Trailheads: Brady Mountain Trailhead: take TN 68 for 4.6 miles from the Highway 68/127 junction just east of Crossville, Tennessee. The trailhead is a large paved pull-off on the right at the top of the rise above Grassy Cove. Brady Mountain Trailhead serves as the southern terminus for the Black Mountain Section and the northern terminus for the Brady Mountain Section.

Jewett Road Trailhead; continue on TN 68 through Grassy Cove for 8.4 miles to a right turn on Jewett Road. Follow Jewett Road for 6.6 miles to the trailhead. The trailhead is easy to overlook, so drive slow and watch carefully for the wooden posts where the trailhead sign used to be on the right several yards off the road. There is no constructed trailhead parking area, only a wide spot on the road. There is parking directly across the road from the trailhead that is large enough for 1 average size car or maybe two small cars. There is another wide spot in the road about 200 feet past the trailhead that is large enough for 2 or 3 cars. The Jewett Road Trailhead can also be reached from US 127 north of Pikeville. Turn right on Rhea Road (unmarked, 0.1 miles north of Vandever Rd. on left). Go 1.5 miles then turn left on Old TN 28. Go 1.3 miles then turn right on Hinch Road (aka Happytop Road which turns into Jewett Road). Go 4.1 miles on Hinch/Happytop/Jewett road and reach the trailhead described above.

Brady Mountain Section Map