It all began in 2001 with two brothers, Don and Dave Sergio, who dreamed of having some sort of a business together. Coincidentally, they were also beginning an aggressive home-brewing hobby – expanding their palettes and those of their families. Growing up in a family construction company, the brothers converted this horse shed in Don’s backyard into the “home brewery” using 100% recycled materials.

They then began brewing Calfkiller Beer in 2004. The brothers loved their beers and enjoyed serving them at family functions, friend’s weddings, and other festivals and contests. They had become known for making great beers and decided to pursue a side business producing Calfkiller Beer on a larger scale. From 2006 to 2010, the brothers fought legal battles, raised families, worked full-time construction jobs, honed their Calfkiller beer-making craft, collected old dairy and brewing vessels and constructed this building on nights & weekends again using recycled materials. It was an exciting time!

Today, they continue producing wonderful Calfkiller Beers on the brewing system they pieced together. Always adding equipment when possible. Always dreaming of the future. But, never losing sight of the beer that is being brewed today.

1839 Blue Springs Road
(931) 739-2337